We’re helping to make our counties healthier places to live, work, and play.

Tobacco-Free Action of Columbia and Greene Counties raises public awareness and support for addressing problems caused by tobacco use through collaborative work with our community members, leaders, and local officials to create policy-based solutions.

Our Initiatives:

Smoke-Free Movies Smoking imagery in movies glamorizes and normalizes tobacco use. The Surgeon General identifies smoking in movies as an influence on youth smoking.
Smoke-Free Movies
Smoke-Free Housing
Smoke-free Housing is cleaner, safer, healthier and less costly to maintain, making it equally beneficial to residents and owners.  Children, seniors and the disabled are particularly vulnerable to the health risks of secondhand smoke.
Tobacco Marketing – We support measures that protect children from the influence of this type of marketing, such as a restricting the sale of tobacco near schools, ending the sale of tobacco in pharmacies, limiting the number and/or density of tobacco retailers. Prohibiting tobacco retailers from redeeming coupons and offering multi-pack discounts and raising the legal age of sale to 21.
Tobacco Marketing
Tobacco-Free Outdoors
Tobacco-Free Outdoors – We work with elected officials to prohibit smoking in parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and other public places, and with businesses and organizations to restrict smoking on company grounds.

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