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Tobacco-Free Action advocates for policy change that reduces exposure to secondhand smoke, makes tobacco products less visible and accessible, and makes tobacco use more expensive, less convenient, and less socially acceptable.


Tobacco Marketing

90% of tobacco marketing takes place in stores in the form of advertising, product placement and display, and price discounts and promotion. The more kids see, the more likely they are to smoke.

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Smoke-free Housing

is cleaner, safer, healthier and less costly to maintain, making it equally beneficial to residents and owners. Children, seniors and people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to the health risks of secondhand smoke.

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Tobacco-Free Outdoors

Secondhand smoke and cigarette litter are not part of a healthy environment. Tobacco-free is good for people and the planet.


Smoke-Free Movies

Smoking imagery in movies glamorizes and normalizes tobacco use. The Surgeon General identifies smoking in movies as an influence on youth smoking.

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